Thursday, 16 July 2009

String quartets make me want to throw up!

I can't stand string quartets, mainly because the players look so bloody pompous when they play. What makes them feel so bloody high and mighty? They sit there and play bloody music that you can't even dance to. Come on string quartets, either play something we all know or bloody shut up!


  1. This site contravenes copyright law.
    It is starting to look like The Curmudgeon's

  2. I like string quartets as they don't have basses.

  3. Or, that guy on the left sensibly left his bass way in the background and is now playing with himself.

  4. "....and is now playing with himself"

    Which is what they do anyway (on both counts)

  5. Comeinyourpants, bloody good to see you're enjoying this site. But, hey, this is not supposed to be a bloody discussion with yourself. Save that shit for Richard's Bass Bag!
    Akish (TP)

  6. I prefer string quintets.

    The serious humourless guy