Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Art is a good pass time for women.

Art is a good pass time for women - things like fashion keep them trying to look good for a man and painting can help fill in a day at home, with bloody kids, when they don't have much to do. I can't understand why a man would want to paint poncy little pictures or hang around in a community orchestra making second rate music with elderly women.

Men should do things like play snooker, running around the block and going to strip clubs. I also hate men who confess to cooking. Is that gay or bloody what? It's time that a lot of men pulled up their socks - if you choose to do womanly things like painting, picture framing, decorating, cooking, looking after small children and sculpture you might as well become a bloody woman. I don't trust wine drinkers too. Come on men, let's try to get it right. Rebuild an engine or something!


  1. Look who's talking big gay guy Isn't your real name Marion?

  2. No Comeinyourpants, that's not entirely true. Marion is my middle name.
    Akish Marion (TP)