Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Artists and musicians are lazy good for nothings.

It's no coincidence that art rhymes with fart - both words could be considered a shit warning. I went out for a meal the other night. We had over priced food that looked like the chef had difficulty putting it on the plate - it was all sort of stacked up in the middle. I suspect that the chef was blind. It put me off a bit thinking of his hands slobbering all over my plate as he tried to arrange the food. Okay, I can live with a blind chef; at least he's doing an honest night's work. What really got to me was that, as we sat talking, some wanker showed up with a bloody bass and started playing. I say bass, but it looked like a big cello. Was he there to stifle conversation? Are we not supposed to talk in restaurants these days? Anyway, if you're going to play a tune, why not do it on a tune instrument? Bass is presumably designed to play bass notes. I approached this guy and politely asked him to play quieter. I said that I was with my deaf old dad - a lie but he bought it.
This guy could have been better employed cleaning dishes in the kitchen.

Please musicians who play silly things like basses, bagpipes, musical saws and the rest; if you want to make a din, please, please do it at home!

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