Saturday, 18 September 2010

New Dowse, same old shit.

I saw Richard (of RBB), and his beautiful wife, at The New Dowse. Richard (of RBB) pointed out the interesting way the carpet was laid. He was right, the lines were sort of at at an angle of about forty five degrees and seemed to run right through the large cutting that led to the back room - a work of art. Unfortunately a lot of stuff on the walls was shit. Then there were some installations that someone had wasted a lot of time putting together.

I particularly hate art works that have a long explanation. Imagine buying something like that to put on (or near) your wall and, every time someone came into the room, having to try to explain the artist's intention. Call me a Philistine (which I am by accident of birth), but shouldn't the art work speak for itself?


  1. Completely agree.
    Either the painting style is representative, in which case all you need is a name or a palce and time, or it's abstract, in which case it's just a pretty design which may evoke an emotional response.

  2. Hey, don't knock these bad artists. Bad art is essential for my work, it causes more bad feeling than anything except bad music.

  3. I agree with TSC and RBB. If you don't see it or feel it thus have an understanding then no amount of laboured explanation is going to make any difference. There are a few charlatans out there.

  4. You'll see the best art in church - there are lots of pictures of me.