Friday, 27 January 2012

Is this art?

No, it's a feed of fish and chips. This is where artists go wrong; they get confused between practical things and things you can hang on your wall.
This is not art either...
Some idiot thought it was an put if in a gallery.
Wrong move.
You wouldn't put it in your living room so that guests could look at it. Only a moron would do that. It's a pile a sweets and belongs, in boxes, out back in a sweet shop.
Artists need to learn to be more discerning. They're not doing themselves any favours when they get it wrong.


  1. It's about the colour combinations.

  2. No. Its crap.
    I've told you before I think, the story of my mother in the Wellington gallery.
    She went downstairs to a basement exhibition and when there walked across the floor over broken glass. She was irate. She went to find someone to complain and found a guy on the floor above. She told him that she had just walked on broken glass and it was shameful - someone should clean it up. The guy she was talking to was Billy Apple, the charlatan artist whose 'exhibition' it was downstairs. It was his turn to be furious. He called my mother a Philistine and told her to leave. She told him that she was an artist (she was, iof the landscape variety) and told him that his 'art' was a pile of dangerous rubbish. Laugh? Well, he didn't but we all did when Mum told us about this when she got home.

  3. Ha Curmudgeon! Your mother got it in one!
    Akish The Philistine