Thursday, 20 December 2012

Folk music can be boring.

I remember going to a concert, a few years ago, where a folk singer sang a song with about 60 verses. I remember the words 'tu ra la" being used a lot. Naturally I was bored shitless. Because I was trying to entertain myself while he was singing (you could say that I was trying to do what he was supposed to be doing), I noticed that he was using a thing called a capo.
When he started another song (god help me - he did about five songs) he just moved this thing and used the same chords.
I thought, "Lazy bugger, why doesn't he just learn to play the guitar properly?"
My advice - if you're thinking of going to a folk music concert, think again.


  1. Christian rock is pretty insipid.

  2. well actually capos (plural - capi?) do have their place. Some fingerpicking tunes work better in certain keys.

  3. I've noticed that lute tunes seem to be in the same keys.

  4. Evolution will hopely soon take care of the lute.

  5. I thought a capo was some kind of a boss in the Mafia