Saturday, 17 April 2010

Okay, let's talk about the southern sinfonia.

I bet you've never heard them play. I visited their website to see when and where they're playing this year and here is what I found.
Oh shit, not another bloody orchestra doing the last night at the proms! I remember the days when school orchestras used to do this as a fund raiser. I would have expected a little more from an orchestra that boasts being from one of our better known cities. I read the 'about us' section. It was written by Dave Shaw himself. Dave, you certainly have a pompous way of writing.
My suggestion:
Fire Dave, both as a bass player and an article writer, and give the bleeding proms a rest unless you're planning putting on the whole damn thing and not just the last bit.

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  1. Akish,
    The Last Night at the Proms is intended as a fun night out for all the family. It is an event that the general public of Dunedin really look forward to. If you had taken the time to look down our concert list, you would also have seen that we are doing music from the Russian masters, and also Chopin and Saint Saëns.
    We feature a lot of top soloists on instruments like the cello and French horn.
    Your post was ill-informed and misleading.
    Get your facts straight next time.
    Dave Shaw
    Principal Double Bassist Southern Sinfonia