Sunday, 30 May 2010

I like Scotch.

It's a good drink for getting plastered fast. I like the Scotch people too. Sure they're mostly pissed and trying to pick a fight but at least they don't waste their time making poncy art. Also, the bagpipes are an honest instrument, rich of tone and not needing amplification. Although, they're best not played after a neighbour has had a night on the Scotch.


  1. At last Akish you have said something sensible. I love the bagpipes. I always believe that if you are going to have a droning instrument at least have one that you can keep your Scotch inside. I doubt that much good malt whisky would remain inside a double bass without leaking out.

  2. Good post,
    I especially like the way you stereotype "scotch people" as pissed and trying to pick a fight. Its SCOTS you silly kiwi oik, are you looking for a good battering?
    Yes SCOTCH is a very good drink for getting a quick buzz.
    When I was in the Army, our pipe band was notorious for drinking and fighting, but what was really scary was the way they used to pour whisky into the pipe bag, to "keep it moisturised" We all used to suspect that half-way through a pibroch, they would have a quick suck instead of a blow. That was when the music got louder. Braw.