Sunday, 15 August 2010

What makes art good?

I would have thought being able to draw would be the starting point for any artist. Though I suppose, if you want an accurate picture, you could just take a photo.
That brings up the question - what should artists be doing?
Let's have a look at some pictures:

I suppose this one could be an abstract impression of a pair of breasts, or a pair of eyes.

This one could be titled "Deformity at Birth". Maybe he just needed to put more effort into getting the eyes lined up?

I think this guy just got a little confused about what is painting and what is writing a book. Perhaps he just needed someone to say,
"No Colin, draw pictures. Words go in books,"?

Maybe some of these artists started painting before taking a few lessons? Perhaps someone should have taken them to an art gallery first, so that they would have known what they were supposed to be doing?
It all comes back to education. Bloody wishy-washy teachers! Don't get me started.


  1. While I completely agree with your comments on art and the complete crap that is often put out on public display, I think you may be wrong regarding the teacher's role.
    We're not there to tell the kids what's right and what's wrong in absolute terms, that way lies fascism. We can tell the kids our own personal opinions, but it's not an absolute, everyone should be allowed to express themselves in any non-hostile, non-threatening way they wish.
    What really pisses me off, is being told by some arty-farty dickhead that I have to like what they "say" is art, and watch my hard-earned tax dollars being spent on a piece of rotting fish guts sealed in a tube of human excrement in the name of art.
    Stop the subsidies. If it's good art, then people will buy what they like.

    I also agree about the "Words in Pictures" thing. What do they think they're doing? Making kids comics?

  2. Mostly true, TwistedScottishBastard, I do think that teachers are whimpy buggers. They should show kids crappy pictures and say 'Look, this is what crap looks like'.
    Akish (TP)

  3. Hello Akish. Long time no see (or heard from). I apologise for not responding earlier but as your creator and mentor Richard (of RBB) has created so many new personalities I have been distracted. By the way. What do you think of these new 'personalities'? Are they a threat? Mmmm? Is your old buddy and creator favouring others before you? Just a thought.

    TSB. I believe that I've mentioned before that you are in danger of encroaching on my domain of being disgruntled about everything.

  4. No offence Curmy old chap, but who the hell asked you.
    If I want to be a bad tempered foul mouthed deviant with an ego of monumental proportions, I will be . You don't have the monopoly , yet.
    Don't forget that Richard (of RBB) and I have to be cleaner than clean PC maniacs every hour of every working day, and it feels bloody good to rant of at anyone else.

  5. Gosh its sad that you have to find obscure blogs to rant on, but even sadder when you have to go to the 'B-Team' of blogs to do soo

  6. Curmudgeon, you're ranting on this 'obscure blog' too.