Saturday, 10 July 2010

What the hell is Anselm doing with his blog?

Does it ever get updated? Well, who cares? It's too bloody airy fairy! If I wanted to read a blog like that, I'd go and sit in a bloody art gallery for hours.

I'd look at pictures that were made by someone who couldn't draw. Then I'd go and have some Sushi for lunch. Then I'd drink a cup of herbal tea, preferably with bits of herbal rubbish floating in it.
Come on Anselm, get real. The world doesn't need another pointless bloody blog.


  1. Sushi is not too bad, as long as you dip it in beer batter and deep fry it. Served with curry sauce and chips and plenty of beer it makes a quite palatable dish.

  2. TwistedSCottishBastard, I like the cut of your cloth!
    Akish (TP)

  3. Thank you Akish (TP) if it is you?
    Regarding Art, My wife wanted to buy some Aboriginal art when we were at Uluru in Aussie.
    She seemed quite keen to spend about $500 on a piece of canvas daubed with some garish colours and dots.
    I innocently asked the question "Dear, how do we know that these weren't painted by the kids in the local primary school?"
    No answer.
    No purchase.
    Uncertainty is sometimes a wonderful thing.

  4. Barcelona May 1904 .

    Mrs TSB: Hey Pablo. How much do you want for this painting of the ballerina?
    PP: 7 Pesos senora.
    Mrs TSB to TSB: He wants 7 Pesos.
    TSB: Tell him he's dreaming.

  5. The Wine Guy,
    I don't think Pablo was an Aboriginal artist, just some olive eater who couldn't draw. Send me a cheque and I'll draw you something. I can't draw either, don't need to because I have a digital camera.
    Akish (TP)