Friday, 29 December 2017

Barry comes to the party.

I spent Christmas day at Richard (of RBB)'s place. His Uncle Steve likes to chat.

" was just after the time I'd been 
working for Barry Brickell..."
Richard (of RBB) said to me, "I don't usually listen to what he is saying but I pick up certain words. I often hear the name Barry Brickell." He went on to say that Barry was a potter who Uncle Steve approved of.

Today I went with Richard (of RBB) and Shelley to The Dowse in Lower Hutt (not my favourite city - even Sodom was better). You know how I feel about galleries like The Dowse and I have to say that today I wasn't disappointed. Most of the space was given up to some guy called Gavin Hipkins.

An example of Gavin's crap.
Gavin's stuff needs long written explanations because, without that, you wouldn't a have fucking clue what he is doing or why. His stuff was spread over five or six different spaces. Each room covered the same theme, showing that Gavin is a one idea guy.
Shelley said there was some pottery upstairs. Pottery = cups and saucers, vases, bottles and jugs trying to pass as art.
I said to Richard (of RBB), "It won't be the real thing unless we can find something by Barry Brickell.

Then I found his name!

And then a picture!

I thought, "They must have at least one example of his work here!"

And then I found Barry's name again!

A jug that Barry had made!

And handy if you're having a cup of tea and need something to put the milk in.
Okay, pottery has dated badly since the 1970s, when crooked looking kitchenware was in, but at least Barry's jug has a purpose.
He could teach Gavin bloody Hipkins a thing or two!

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  1. The trouble with pottery and silver plated utensils is that they never look clean inside and are they dishwasher safe?