Saturday, 26 June 2010

Soccer players are sissies.

I got up to watch New Zealand play Paraguay. What a bloody waste of time! Even lying awake with nothing to do would have been better. Nothing happened, except that the poncy soccer players kept geiitng hurt. There, there little sissies. Soccer players need to harden up. Soccer players probably like to go to galleries and look at abstract art and pretend that they see something in it.

Only girls should be allowed to play soccer. Men who want to play soccer should be sent to a boot camp to toughen them up.


  1. I wouldn't go that far, although I agree that soocer's like tennis. Boink, boink, boink, and still nothing happens.
    As far as art goes, Grahame Sydney, never Colin McCahon. I've seen eviscerated rotting possums with more artistic merit.

  2. I agree with you Akish. They are a bunch of sissies who fall over if breathed on. This isn't sport, its more like line dancing.

  3. The German team are definitely not sissies. They are well trained men. Not like those Scotts in dresses.
    Aurel Mueller

  4. Sorry Aurel,
    you've missed the point. It doesn't matter how well trained they are, the game is so intrinsically sissy that there is no cure. BTW Well done Germany in beating England. Our countries may have fought wars in the distant past, but anyone who kicks the shit out of the English is an instant friend.