Thursday, 25 January 2018

How did pottery become art?

Look at these three pictures - this is a bit of a quiz.

Okay, you could say they're pretty but which one of these answers best describes what they are?
a) High art
b) Containers for food and drink
c) Items from an art gallery
d) Art worth big bucks
e) None of these

Don't forget, before you try to be smart, that only an idiot answer 'e)None of these'.

The correct answer is 'b) Containers for food and drink'.

Take my word for it - they don't look so fancy when the plate (or bowl) is full of spaghetti (with cheese dripping everywhere) and the cup is filled with coffee.
At best these things are fancy cups and saucers, things that hold your food and drink. Okay, they might have been a bit trendy in the 1970s but those days, and the bloody hippies, are long gone.
Want a plate? Go to The Warehouse - they're only $3.

$3 and good for holding spaghetti.


  1. Richard (of RBB)'s brother in law is a potter. Careful what you say.

  2. I'm chewin' the carrot over all this.

  3. Stick your carrot up your arse. I like pottery when there are pictures of me on it.

  4. Just about anything can be art. Not religion though.