Saturday, 20 January 2018

So, it seems like Different Time Zone Bill has gone over to the dark side.

The Curmudgeon has put up this blog - HERE.

Different Time Zone Bill
DTZ Bill is a nice enough chap but have you heard any cries of distress from the Bass Bag Blogs?
Sadly DTZ Bill really isn't a huge loss. I'm sorry to have to say that.
The Curmudgeon Inc. likes to play a numbers game.
I haven't bothered to count all the Curmudgeons who are now on their books, but it's probably close to twenty.
What I have noticed, as have other readers, is that they all write the same crap.
Unfortunately DTZ Bill is just an attempt to introduce a bit of novelty into a big boring pile of old men.

The Curmudgeon Inc. - 
a big boring pile of old men.
So The Curmudgeon has supposedly poached DTZ Bill. Who really gives a shit?

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